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We are abunch of people from all over the US, a few of us know eachother in RL now and we couldn't be any happier or content where we are as a family guild!
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Time to Update before our XMAS break!

Venatos123, Dec 7, 12 4:21 PM.
Alright we've been sort of busy, we've done things killed stuff and even managed to go to old world raids and destroy some things that were made super easy now with the new expansion! here are some pics!

We went back into Firelands and got Heroic Rag done like a boss! Featuring out New Titles!

As you can clearly See Feng has been toast for awhile!

Gara'jal also died, was rough but once he went down it was almost like we had been doing it for months!

And finally Spirit Kings, man that was a good mechanic fight, dont stand in this and you win!

Thats all for the updates really we will be back raiding again Jan 3rd so hopefully we can just blow through most of the stuff and start on heroics!

I have Access again! We are still alive I swear it!

Venatos123, Nov 13, 12 1:40 PM.
We kill things and we succeed! Plus we are still a very solid group, its good to make progress and I got a couple kill pics to post now!

This picture just because we are curb stomping Nevrmorr!!! Ok then onto real things I swear!

Awww those were the days! Early raiding pre-Arete classic!!! OK seriously real Screenshots now!!!

There she is well i guess It, but its Multiple so would it be It's? or Its? either way we killed those Stone Guards and we have killed Feng but apparently I am the one who is slacking because I dont have any pictures of the kill oh well just have to wait till Tonight to get a new Screenshot of it! Hopefully I will have Spiritbinder kill shot for Thursday!!! Later!

Its been awhile and ive been lazy . . .Get over it!

Venatos123, Apr 5, 11 1:19 PM.

Well we got him down, and you know what that stupid Fueding Dragon or whatever abomination you would like to call it was not as bad as i thought he would be, I mean yes it took a couple tries and yes he did go down on our last attempt of the night, but when its all said and done you couldnt feel more relieved that your making progression and it almost seemed effortless. /wipesweatfromforehead. So awesome job to everyone who showed up my hats off to you.

Ok so we went into Bastion of Twilight finally getting a change of scenary other than just going in there killing Halfrus and leaving we decided to have at the twin dragons. Now this was our first attempt ever i mean first attempts at them and it took us all but 4 tries which huge leaps in progression every attempt and they went down with nobody dead . . . Lets hope next week ascendance council puts up a better fight! It was a good night we all had fun together but sadly this week may be the last week we have a full core, so we will be looking into picking up a new healer and a new dps to replace my Rogue Ven on days i cannot attend our raids . . . /cry. Oh well we will keep pushing progression and hopefully soon have some kill shots of Nef and Cho'gall, heck maybe even Al'akir who knows!

I thought i was going to be harder, i swear . . .

Venatos123, Mar 8, 11 3:57 PM.

So we got him down, and i really thought Maloriak would prove to be a challenge. But let me be honest here, he wasn't, at all, and we prevailed very easily once we got the mechanic down. Aside from the pushover we started work on Atramedes and had a ~30% attempt with over half the gongs up so once we learn to manage our sound we should be fine. Look forward to a kill shot next week of the Blind dragon maybe even a Double headed dragon kill. Our 10 man is finally looking like its about filled up so recruiting ask in game and we will let you know how we operate! Till next time cya.

Halfrus Ded, and thats not spelled incorrectly!

Venatos123, Mar 6, 11 12:33 PM.

So we went into BoT last week with the intention of not being able to do anything too much but maybe get a feel for the instance, never been in there and what do you know, 3 attempts later and hes ded! Thats right DED! Easy enough i guess, looks like we should start working in here but i still want to get Maloriak down first before we try to progress further in a new instance. In other news we are still looking for a healer for out 10 mans so if your interesting feel free to shoot and application or send a tell in game to anyone online, im sure they will direct you to us no problem. This week i hope to actually get some more new content down seeing as we are getting more consistent people showing up every week now. Till next time im out!
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Must have Ventrilo. Sunday and Thursday Raiding requirements to be considered "Raider" Status. Talk to an officer in game about application prior to filling out. ( Goatybeard, Venatos, Nevrmorr, Coldvapor)
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